iMiirage Freshest Food | A Policy On Our Reservation System


Our research shows that the vast majority of the people we spoke to had three things in common when it comes to their meals:

  • Freshest Ingredients
    Easy to Order

We have figured the best way to combine all three.

Freshness, Powered by Technology

At iMiirage, serving the ‘freshest food’ is our way of showing appreciation to our guests. A simple meal of freshest ingredients can not only reawaken one’s taste buds but can also energises one’s soul.

You know what they say: “You are what you eat!”

Our Chefs have insisted on working with only the freshest ingredients to craft your meals. Thus, it is important to us to upkeep the freshness and quality of our food.

We do not stock up our ingredients in abundance. Therefore, at iMiirage, we highly recommend our guests to make their reservations and food order before coming to the restaurant to enjoy the best that we have to offer!

iMiirage will also reward our guests who do their pre-ordering with a 25% discount off your tab as a token for supporting our efforts in maintaining the best standards. Pre-ordering and reservations may be done through MeCan Order app or via the web.

Downloading MeCanOrder

MeCanOrder is a ready-to-use free mobile application that has integrated with our menu and system to allow you to order in advance. The app actually helps us gauge and manage the intake of our food and ingredients. Thus allowing us to bring you the freshest.

MeCanOrder is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Keep your eyes on this space for an entire technological, gastronomical and atmospheric revelation in fine dining, right here in Ipoh.