Chef Peter Shek: Master of Honest European Food | iMiirage


Just as the love of every ship and her Captain, iMiirage too have found its captain in Chef Peter Shek.

At one glance, Chef Peter may come across as your Average Joe but within the unassuming nature of this man, lies a great talent and more importantly a sturdy conviction in his food and cooking.

Chef Peter brings with him his passionate love for food. He has spent the better part of over 30 years cooking in London, England.

It was at that time where he discovered his ability to combine flavours pleasing to the palate. Building upon that, he has developed a sort of precision in cooking that other world renowned chefs speak about. This has allowed him to grow and expand his palate and creativity especially in cooking and creating the finest European cuisines.

Although he was showered with success abroad, Chef Peter Shek stayed humble and continued to lovingly expand his craft. At this point, filled with a wealth of experience, a seasoned palate, and an imagination to create the finest dishes which are good to the last bite, he felt it was time to bring his craft home.

Not too long ago, he found his feet making their way to Ipoh, Perak to feed the local food enthusiasts.

Within a short while, his expertise and delicious food saw him take on the role of Executive Head Chef here at iMiirage.